Tuesday, July 15, 2014

May 3, 2014 Photos

Here are some photos from May 3 after the snow melt which was pretty weak and raised the lake little if any from the Fall levels. The area was still in a drought that had started late summer 2013.

The first set of photos were taken in the area of the mid-lake boat ramp looking mostly east and north

I walked down the boat ramp and up the other side and when I got to the pine trees above I heard a noise to my right (south) and saw 4 deer and one stopped at the top of the ridge and gave me a quick shot.  I've seen deer out there nearly every time I go so it should be good for deer season and hunters will be needed to control the size of the herd. The area should be excellent for rabbit and pheasant too with large areas of natural prairie. Most of the invasive non-indigenous 'weeds' are confined to the areas of the newest construction  but most of that will be under water and the remainder easily 'weeded out" (pun intended)

These were taken from the point opposite the boat ramp on the north side of the pine trees. Lot's of cover and habitat enhancement for the fish.

This is looking north down the road that was taken out and where they built one of the handicap fishing jetties. My hip was dogging me (Part of this project is getting some exercise and rehabbing my hip)  that day so I didn't go all the way down there but will have some pictures of that area in future posts, 

More to come .....

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