Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-26-2014 Photos - Main Ramp Now Open

They opened up the main ramp and parking at the mid lake ramp but water levels haven't raised much since July 4, maybe 2 feet leaving about 20 feet left to fill.

This is at the upper end

 These are at the mid-lake ramp, the pine tree point and the rock mounds in a finger east of the ramp. More trees are dead and more dying from having their roots suffocated

These are from the mid-lake fishiong jetty area looking north. They don't have this lot open yet due to rain erosion damage seen in my earlier pictures of the area.

This is at the main boat ramp near the dam where I haven't taken any p[ictures from yet. If you look at the photos that show the rip rap you can get an idea there is about 20 feet to go yet before the lakie is full

Mid-lake north side fishing access areas

Next time I go out there, hopefully next week I'll be taking photos from my boat. I won't be able to start depth mapping it until it completely fills but I can check and get new GPS coordinates to some structure. I'll try to take some screen shots of my downscanning fishfinder (Lowrance Elite 7X HDI) which should look pretty amazing as it has the resolution where you can see the leaves on the trees and even small fish if they are schooled up that you just can't see on a conventional finder