Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May 21, 2014 Photos

The first set of photos are from the dam area. We had a 1.5" rainfall a week or so before but an inch of it came down in only about half an hour. Still the lake level looked like it had only come up a foot or less since the 3rd

These photos are from the mid-lake boat ramp. In the first I'm standing at the bottom looking north in what will one day be 10-15 ft of water

These are from the point across from the mid-lake ramp. As you can see parts of this area have been covered with water long enough that most of the trees are already dead. This also illustrates what is happening along Iowa Rivers because of so much flooding since late 2007, trees that have had their roots submerged for longer than normal periods of time and much later in the growing season die, eventually fall over and the bank erodes like crazy causing the rivers to have high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels in excess of the Clean Water Act. Take a drive down the South Concord Street in Davenport next week along Credit Island Harbor and you can see the damage that has been done there in the last few years, especially the area after you cross the tracks and the area near the outlet to the river. A lot of trees died there last year because of the late season summer flooding and I'm sure this year's once rare summer flooding has caused even more damage with more dead trees and more trees downed.

These are at the south side mid-lake fishing jetty and handicap access. Even though the rain was moderate it was enough to cause some serious erosion to the parking area as well as the handicap access trail to the fishing jetty. It's much worse now as you will see when I post the pics from July 1

I hiked down to the water's edge and took a few shots. As you can see from the flooded but still live grass the water had come up some recently. The water was crystal clear and clean.

This is looking back at the fishing jetty from what will soon be lake bottom. I'm really impressed with the handicap access and fishing jetties on both sides of this part of the lake. Handicap access and shore fishing in general is plagued by 'shallow water syndrome' where you just can't get out to the deep water, especially in the older lakes without proper bank protection where erosion from the banks silts in the edges and makes them shallow several feet out. Here there is access to deep water on both sides of the jetty with the east side heavily wooded providing natural cover and habitat and the west side has some man made habitat enhancement structures mixed in with the prairie grasses.

These are from the top of the jetty looking down each side

This is at the 8'Wx10'H culvert going under the road at the upper end. Water was at a relative trickle and the creek low to normal with no signs of it 'backing up' yet. When full the water in this culvert should be 30"- 36" deep allowing access by smaller boats

Remember this long stick, it has an interesting story that will be told as newer photos are posted

Coming very soon .... Pictures from June 27 just a couple of days before the Extreme Rain Event that flooded the Upper Midwest followed by photos taken July 1 and 4 after this Extreme Weather Event.

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