Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 4, 2014 Followup Photos

As you can see it only took a few days for the upper lake and outflow to stabilize and return to normal levels. The infamous stick looks to be long gone

Now the other side ..... but wait what is that there jammed into the rootball of that shrub? It's the Stick from the Story of the Stick! It's hard to tell in the picture but it 'javelined' itself into that rootball and doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon if ever.

A view up the creek and as you can see there is little or no apparent current which is a sign the lake has backed up this far. When the water starts covering the far bank, about the level of the base of the white flowered plants in the above photos that should be the 20 feet to go mark.

These are at the mid-lake jetty on the south side. The water is crystal clear and although it's hard to make them out in the photos there were hundreds of small fish all over. Many looked like minnows and chubs but some were definitely little sunfish/bluegills and what looked like small walleye. The area was just alive with action and I heard 3 bullfrogs, saw some smaller frogs, snakes and turtles and the birds where chirping away with some even divebombing the water snatching small fish

I generally take two shots of everything and the second shot of the above photo captured a bird as it swooped down and grabbed a minnow. I could probably try all day long and never repeat this shot.

These are just shots of my 'reference' items I use to judge changes in water level. The level had come up a little since July 1st but not very much and definitely less than a foot

Since little had changed from the 1st other than the inflow I decided there was no need to take any more pictures and besides it was the 4th of July and I had a George Thorogood concert to go to that night at the Davenport Flood Fest, I mean the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest .....

We have had less than an inch and a half of rain since the big deluge at the end of June so unless we get some significant rainfall this weekend I likely won't be going back out for another couple of weeks, sometime in early August.

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