Monday, July 21, 2014

July 1, 2014 Photos

Lot of photos here so I may need to break this into two parts. This is a day after a 5.5" rain and it was really rockin' n' rolling.

Here is the inlet side and it looks like the "Story of the Stick" has ended as it is no where to be seen and looks to be long gone .... or is it?

The level of the existing upper lake is up 2-3 feet more than it was just a couple of days before and looks to be pretty close to the finish height. This however didn't last and it was back down by the 4th

Back over on the other side looking up the creek which is bank full and you can see where it was even higher.

These are at the mid-lake fishing jetty on the south side. You can see the erosion from the early June rain has gotten worse, in fact it was like a miniature Grand Canyon ..... Definitely going to have to do some rework, possibly redesign here.

You can see it has come up quite a bit literally overnight. About 3/4 of the way up on the left side is a tree sticking out a bit. That's about where I was standing on the road when I took the earlier pictures a few days before.

There are a few objects in the following pictures that you will find in the earlier pictures too and I use them as references. The first is the tree limb sticking out on the right on this side, the next is that tree in front of the rock pile on the far side, and the third is the big rock pile. You could clearly see land and grass below the tree before and there was dirt showing at the bottom of the rock pile.

As you can see the water here at mid-lake is still crystal clear despite the hard rains and the muddy water coming in at the upper end. A lot of that mud came from recent construction upstream that didn't have a chance to get a good ground cover established yet. A rain like this next year at this time should come in a lot cleaner,

The next set are from the area of the mid-lake boat ramp. The first is looking north at the bottom of the ramp up the draw which finally has some water creeping up into it

This is across from the boat ramp by the pine trees looking north

These are looking east towards the dam at the rock pile habitat that now has water surrounding it. When the lake is full this will be water from the rip rap in the foreground all the way to the dam.

This is a closer look standing on the soon to be lakebed

I'm going to quit here and I'll start the next post with pictures from the other side at mid-lake where I hadn't taken any pictures yet. Some very interesting manmade structure there plus that big rock pile is another handicap fishing jetty.

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