Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 27, 2014 Photos

Over a month had gone by but we were still down a little on rain for the month so I didn't really expect to see much. In fact it was kind of disappointing, it didn't look like the lake would ever get full at this rate. Of course things changed a couple of days later .....

Barely a trickle as I suspected ....

The Story of the Stick continues and it's still hanging in there ......

At the mid-lake boat ramp at the bottom and looking north down the draw that will one day be filled with water

This is across from the mid-lake boat ramp looking east down the old road toward the dam. Water is just approaching the bases of  several rock pile structures that were built as fish habitat enhancement.

From the point looking north. It didn't even look like the water had come up more than a foot since the end of May.

This is a launch spot for kayaks and canoes. I didn't take any pictures of it before but the ground around it was practically bare a month ago

Looking north down the road toward the mid-lake fishing jetty. The water hasn't come up much but the grasses are growing strong and the prairie is already trying to reclaim the road

Erosion of the parking lot and handicap access trail from the May rain with a little additional damage from some of the light June rains. Take note that these were taken before the 5+" rain event. The yellow flowered plants are wild parsnips which are a close cousin to the wild carrot which has similar white flowers and is commonly called Queen Anne's Lace. They seem to have taken over here and other spots where construction took place last Fall for some reason.

These are a couple of 'reference shots' I had been wanting to make and I got them just in time because you can really see the huge difference just 4 days later on July 1 after the big rains. That big rock pile on the north side is another handicap fishing jetty. I'll have some pictures from that side in the next blog entry for July 1

Up at the dam area. Not much new to see here other than the grasses that have grown in over last year's construction sites that will eventually be flooded.

The next entry will show the huge difference after the Extreme Rainfall Event and the "Story of the Stick" will continue

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