Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not Much To Report Yet ......

I went out there a week or 10 days ago and it had risen enough to open the newest boat ramp at the west end of the lake. However neither the mid-lake ramp, the handicapped fishing jetty or the main boat ramp was open. I took some pictures but since I couldn't get into the main area and it was so badly overcast I decided to forget about it and come back on another day. I'd say the lake has gained close to another 10 feet and had about 10 feet to go and we have had some recent rains so it should be even less to go. Still that last 5 feet or so takes a long time to fill since the surface area of the lake has increased so much.

I also moved my preliminary maps from my Google Drive due to problems and now have them on my GitHub Repository

Netbook2Chartplotter GitHub Respository

I'll try to get out to the lake sometime between rains this week and get some updated pictures but I'm not going to take a boat until I know all the ramps are open.I don't quite have my new mapping rig all set up yet but should by the weekend