Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Less Than 3 ft To Go !

As of last Tuesday I estimated 3ft to go and this was confirmed by the DNR on Wednesday. Although last night's big storms that hit the area split and missed us they are forecasting 1-2 inches for tomorrow night and that should top it off.

I also have new map layers and some basic finished maps available on my GitHub site as well as a tiled map for Android devices using the free OruxMaps app available at the Google Play Store. This is a 1 pixel per meter map that can be easily sized to 200% or larger and still looks good. With this map and an Android device with GPS you are all set to navigate the lake and make your own waypoints and tracks for fishing. If you like the map and the Orux app I strongly suggest purchasing the Donate version for just $2.62 ... a real bargain for the average fisherman that can't afford a $500-$1000 chartplotter. These maps will only get better as I add a layer showing the locations of structure and the depth isolines made from actual measurements at the lake.

Here's a few pictures from last Tuesday June 16 after the last hard rain

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