Sunday, July 5, 2015

Getting Closer But Still Not Quite There

I went out there Friday the 3rd with my boat for the first time just to check things out and do a little test run for the maps and mapping software. That all went well, the maps and my GPS look to be in perfect calibration. Only problem I had was the wireless mouse/keyboard hanging up on me twice after starting the motor (out of maybe a dozen starts) despite being on separate batteries. Lots of trees and brush both above and just below the surface but I only 'bumped a stump' once going up one of the 'fingers' on the west end of the lake. Lots of duck work covering many areas so you can't see below the surface but even though it looks tough it's a lot easier to navigate most of it safely than one of the back water sloughs on the Mississippi.because of the depth. Water quality and clarity is off the charts, I filled my livewell and it looked like drinking water.

I went up to the dam spillway and measured from the top of the concrete and the lake surface and got 14"  so there should be only 14-15" to go. A few pictures of the spillway structure

After I pulled the boat out I drove up to the west end boat ramp and took some pictures looking back at the causeway and the concrete culvert small boat passageway. Then I went up and chatted with the guy fishing there and I asked how deep it was in there and he said about 18".  When the lake is full the water is supposed to be between 30" and 36" deep in the passage and 18" + 14" = 32" so 14-15" to go looks like a valid estimate. Some rains are coming Monday night but I don't think they'll quite be enough to top the lake off. Shouldn't take more than a couple of average rains to fill it up to the top, maybe in a couple of more weeks

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